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Lloyd Shaw

Dr. Lloyd "Pappy" Shaw was one of the most influential figures in square dance history. Educator (high school teacher, principal, and superintendent of schools), researcher, author, caller, teacher of callers, and promoter of square dance—through the travels of his young Cheyenne Mountain Dancers, his Cowboy Dances book, and his subsequent callers' classes, Shaw sparked a nationwide revival of interest in square dance. In the years immediately after World War II, square dancing boomed as a social activity, and hundreds of would-be dance leaders from across North America flocked to Colorado Springs to study with him.

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Santa Monica 1950 - World's Largest Square Dance

On July 13, 1950, Santa Monica, California, celebrated its Diamond Jubilee with a gigantic square dance. More than 15,000 dancers were kept moving by more than three dozen callers while upwards of 30,000 eager spectators watched. This exhibit includes newsreel footage of the event, articles in square dance journals, interviews with Bob Osgood and Dan Allen, and an audio clip from Cal Golden, one of the callers. It was the largest square dance event that had ever happened at that time.

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