The two evening and Sunday dance session featured the six callers each caling a few dances. The musicians were Steve Hickman, Claudio Buchwald, Sam Bartlett and Jim Morrison.

The dances are presented in the order in which they were called.


Phil Jamison
Big Set
Shoot the Owl
Texas Star walkthrough
Texas Star

Bill Litchman
Goin’ Uptown
Trail of the Lonesome Pine
Box the Gnat walkthrough
Box the Gnat

Jim Mayo
Hash with Daisy Chain
This Land is Your Land

Larry Edelman
Harlem Rosette
Silly Threesome
Double Birdie
Milagro Square

Tony Parkes
The Odd Couple Promenade
Squareback Reel walkthrough
Squareback Reel
Swing Two Ladies
Do-si-do and Face the Sides

Bob Dalsemer
Arkansas Traveler
Down Yonder

Bob Dalsemer
Pigtails and Ribbons
Wrong Way Thar

Larry Edelman
Outside Susie
Let’s All Face Out
The Missing Link

Phil Jamison
Double Bow Knot
Pull the Ladies Thru
Grapevine Twist

Jim Mayo
Fiddle Faddle
Put on your Old Grey Bonnet
Best Things in Life are Free
When the Saints Go Marching In

Tony Parkes
The Auctioneer
Six Pass Through
The Rout

Bill Litchman

Forward 6, Fall Back 8
Northern Lights

Jim Mayo

Hash with Allemande Thar
Just Because

Phil Jamison
Big Set
Divide the Ring with Corner Lady Swing

Bob Dalsemer
The Ninepin
Gents Three-Quarter Star

Larry Edelman
Calico Top walkthrough
Calico Top

Bill Litchman
The Bachelor Mill
Push ol’ Pa, Push ol’ Ma

Tony Parkes
The Merry-Go-Round
My Little Girl