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Birdie in the Cage

The well-known Birdie in the Cage figure, filmed in western Pennsylvania, on the border between northern and southern Appalachian styles of square dancing.

Chase the Rabbit

Filmed by Bob Dalsemer in Independence, Pennsylvania

Dip and Dive

Other examples of the dip and dive figure can be found on this website.

Lancers Quadrille - Pennsylvania

The Lancers is a form of quadrille dating from the 19th century. It appears in many communities throughout the western world. Here is a version (filmed in Super-8 by Bob Dalsemer, September, 1979) that was kept alive in Independence, PA, in the southwestern part of the state.Dalsemer's detailed description of the dance figures, and music…

Red River Valley

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The Independence (PA) Lancers

For moving images of the dance, click here.This is Bob Dalsemer's account of discovering an old dance form maintained in a rural Pennsylvania community:"On two occasions in 1979, I had the good fortune to visit the bi-weekly Saturday night square dance at the Grange Hall in Independence, Pennsylvania, about 25 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. I found…