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Irving Andert - dance videos

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Irving Andert - dance videos


This is a selection of clips showing some of the different dances called by Irving Andert. Recorded by Paul Trowbridge at the Brooklyn (CT) Grange, July 9, 1983. The program is a typical evening of what was called Eastern square dancing.

Shots of Andert at the mic can be seen starting at 2:11 (First Two Ladies Cross Over), 5:40 (Jingle Bells), and 6:10 (Just Because).

Dip and Dive
First Two Ladies Cross Over
Forward Six and Back
Hinky Dinky
Hot Time
shots of the band (The Weathervanes) and round dance
Jingle Bells (yes, at a July dance!)
Just Because
Ladies Back to Back
Nellie Gray
Roll the Barrel (Wabash Cannonball)

Other dances on the program included Red River Valley, Marching Through Georgia, Golden Slippers, and My Little Girl. Several dances were repeated in the course of the evening.


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July 9, 1983


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