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Jon Jones - CALLERLAB history

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Jon Jones - CALLERLAB history


This CALLERLAB History / Heritage / Tradition session in 2005 included comments from Herb Egender, who was one of the Cheyenne Mountain Dancers with Lloyd Shaw. Jim Mayo was the second speaker, discussing events that led up to the formation of CALLERLAB in 1974, and Jon Jones picked up the story at that point.

Jones describes how CALLERLAB started with invitations extended to a small group of callers, and those individuals in turn invited others to join the discussions. He discusses the statements that lay at the foundation of the organization, and mentions some of the key individuals who held leadership positions within CALLERLAB. He describes the issues involved with accreditation of callers and the discussions that led to standardizing how long it should take to teach the basic curriculum. Styling of basic figures was also a hot topic for discussion.

Sessions videotaped by Cal Campbell.




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