Rod's Quad #2 - double quadrille


Rod's Quad #2 - double quadrille


Northern / Prompt & Patter


Dance written by Rod Linnell; the video includes a variation created by the caller, Lisa Greenleaf. (Rod Linnell composed five double quadrilles, which are published in "Square Dances from a Yankee Caller's Clipboard.") In Linnell's original composition, the women chain through the stars; Lisa has modified that so that the men also get the opportunity to chain. The tune is John Brown's March, played by Daron Douglas (fiddle), Anna Patton (clarinet), and Karen Axelrod (piano). Recorded June 1, 2013.


Rod Linnell, Lisa Greenleaf

Date Created

June 1, 2013


David Millstone

Spatial Coverage

USA, New York, Hopewell Junction

Temporal Coverage

2000 -

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