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Lloyd Shaw Fellowship - John Bradford

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Lloyd Shaw Fellowship - John Bradford


John Bradford was 13 years old in 1947 when his mother, Mary Jo Bradford, took their family to attend Lloyd Shaw's summer class in square dancing. (He and his sister were the only two teenagers allowed in the class, other than members of Shaw's Cheyenne Mountain Dancers.)

The author explains, "This was presented as a morning talk at the 1997 week long dance fellowship that we had every summer here in Colorado after Mrs. Shaw was unable to continue the Shaw Fellowship meetings in Colorado Springs. This fellowship group evolved from a group of us that had attended the Shaw fellowships for many years and decided that we wished to continue with something similar although not directly involving the Shaw family. To give you an idea of what happened I quote from an opening page of our first year syllabus of 1979.

"And then we thought our wonderful thing was going to end ... and we were devastated. And we thought, 'This is not what Pappy and Dorothy intended, that it should end with them ...'

"And a group got together, and a letter was so beautifully stated in the letter, knowing when it is time to stop something in its present form is indeed a gift of wisdom, and as our "road maps" of the morning talks by Mrs. Shaw are no longer a possibility, it is indeed time that a change occur. From this point on there will undoubtedly be many opportunities for gatherings, large and small, of those who have been touched with the spirit and philosophy of Lloyd and Dorothy Shaw.

"Since there is magic in a circle, several of us in Denver have spontaneously come together for the purpose of celebrating and sharing with each other the magic that always happens when we join hands, and dance, and sing, and care for each other. This gathering is not Fellowship. Fellowship was always Dorothy's party which she invited us to share with her. This is our party and our gathering and yours if you can come. Lloyd and Dorothy will not be present, but they have been good teachers, and we have been willing students, and they have given us something which we must celebrate and share with our families and friends. Their presence will be felt in our circle ..."


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