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Bible Grove Square Dancers, Bethel, Missouri, 1989

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Bible Grove Square Dancers, Bethel, Missouri, 1989


Dancers from Bible Grove in Scotland County, MO at the Bethel Fiddle Convention, Bethel, MO. June 1989. Fiddling by Chirps Smith and Charlie Walden. Others in the band are Forrest Rose on bass, Dennis Buckhannon and Dave Copeland on guitars and Emily Buckhannon on piano. The actual dancing begins at 3:45 in the first clip.

The caller is Burrell Snyder. In the second clip, he's interviewed on stage by Peter Lippincott, followed by a dance (at 3:20), to the tune of Liberty.

The Mid-America Old Time Fiddling Championship in Bethel, Missouri, is preceded by the Bethel Youth Fiddle Camp, which has been taking place since 1985.

Viewers will note that there is a caller at the microphone; videos on the site from father south, in the Ozarks region of Missouri, instead have a caller in each square so that different squares are doing different figures at the same time.

The Bible Grove dancers are from far NE Missouri in Scotland County. They dance at a slower tempo than their counterparts farther south in such venues as Ava and Cabool, Missouri. Charlie Walden comments: "Regarding the speed, these are folks from North Missouri - Scotland County on the Iowa border. They dance in a completely different way from Ozarkers. The square is spread out and the people walk through the figures with broad sweeping movements. More room on the prairie for this than in the mountains, I guess."

He adds that fiddlers such as Bob Holt—who is seen on some videos on this site playing at speeds about 140 beats per minute—are the outliers even among Ozark fiddlers.


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