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History of Square Dancing - Ralph Page

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History of Square Dancing - Ralph Page


Between 1972 and 1974, Ralph Page wrote a series of essays entitled A History of Square Dancing. For ease in downloading, we have collected them into "chapters" that group together similar topics. The essays were published in the magazine Square Dancing as follows:

Dancing In New England    11/1972
The Revolutionary Era    1/1973
Direct Ancestors    2/1973
Direct Ancestors     3/1973
Direct Ancestors     4/1973
Direct Ancestors    5/1973
The Early Years - Dance Figures     6/1973
The Early Years - Dance Schools     7/1973
The Early Years - Dance Schools     8/1973
Contra Dances     9/1973
Contra Dances    10/1973
Contra Dances     11/1973
Contra Dances     12/1973
Contra Dances     1/1974
The Lancers (Part I)     2/1974
The Lancers (Part Il)     3/1974
The Lancers (Part Ill)     5/1974
The Lancers (Part lV)     6/1974

The complete collection of Sets in Order (which changed its name to Square Dancing in 1968) is available online through the University of Denver. (The issues were scanned by Gardner Patton.) A handy guide to the many issues is here.


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