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Circle to the Middle - Ted Sannella

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Circle to the Middle - Ted Sannella


Ted Sannella calls his "Circle to the Middle" square dance, recorded 1990 at American Dance Week, a program of the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) at Pinewoods Camp, Plymouth, MA. The last part of the dance has been cut off in this recording; the complete directions are given below.

Ted Sannella was one of New England's best known and respected callers of contras and traditional squares. He was also a prolific choreographer; this is one example. Biographical information can be found here; additional Ted Sannella recordings and information on our website is here.

Musicians on this clip include Bob McQuillen, piano; Laurie Andres, accordion; and Steve Hickman, fiddle. The tune is an Irish jig, "Rose in the Heather."

Circle to the Middle
written by Ted Sannella, c. 1964
published in Balance and Swing

First couple separate, go halfway around the outside (8)
Both head couples do-si-do around your own (8)
Same four circle left, to the middle, (go) once around (8)
Pass through, go between the outside two, separate around just one and form a line (at the sides) (8)

Forward eight and back (8)
Forward again and all pass through, turn alone (8)
Opposite ladies chain, over and back (16)

All eight circle left, go halfway around (8)
Everybody swing your corner (8)
Promenade once around to gent’s home (16)


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July, 1990

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