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Asilomar 1973 - Frank Lane

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Asilomar 1973 - Frank Lane


Three films from Bob Osgood's collection showing dancers at the 1973 gathering at Asilomar, California.

The first film shows dancers practicing allemande thar, followed by a round dance sequence (Left Footers One-Step, written by Bruce Johnson in 1959) and then Dick Leger's hit, the singing square "Marianne." Close-up shots of Frank Lane calling begin at 1:28.

The second film contains four squares:
00:00  Put a Ring on Her Finger
02:11  Just Because
05:56  Lady of Spain
08:55  patter

The third film contains three squares:
00:00  The Little Shoemaker, singing square
02:56  Dip and Dive, patter
05:30  Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree, singing square

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Bob Osgood Papers, D044, Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado

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2:52. 12:08, 8:26

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