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Tout Le Monde en Place

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Tout Le Monde en Place


After several pages to set the context, the author gives the calls in French and describes basic figures, including a lengthy description of the Quebecois swing. Hill is an orchestra leader who recorded, among other places, on Michael Herman's Folk Dancer label.

"The French Canadians are a square dancing people, born and bred to the music of the fiddle, and to the joys of song and dance. What is more, they have a square dance which is probably the truest folk dance form left intact on the continent. Completely traditional, unaltered, unadulterated, and free from the well-meaning but destructive temperings of self-styled "authorities", who would "better" square dancing — these dances exist today as they did a hundred years ago."

See also a video series of dances recorded in Quebec in the 1970s



Northern Junket, Vol 6, #4, pp. 5-8

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May 1958

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