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Jimmy Morris and Tommy Cavanagh interview

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Jimmy Morris and Tommy Cavanagh interview


Interview with two British callers, conducted by Mildred Buhler and shared with her dancers back in California. The two men were the co-founders, president and vice-president, of the fledgling British Association of American Square Dance Clubs with which Buhler was involved when she moved to London. During the interview, Morris says, "We really try to do everything the same as they do in California," and he makes reference to the "California style." At the time of the interview, the BAASDC comprised 16 clubs, with dreams of becoming a national organization.

An interesting article describes Jimmy Morris and his Woodbory Down club, which hosted such luminaries as Bob Osgood and Cal Golden, and then, suddenly fell out of favor, all within the space of half a dozen years.

Cavanagh describes his start, working with early callers and then on his own, moving rapidly to calling for five clubs a week. Buhler describes (6:55) how classes are structured in London, and is shocked that after an hour of dancing, people stop for tea!

Morris calls (10:05) a patter "that was introduced about two months ago and has become very popular" and Cavanagh calls (13:45) "Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey," accompanying himself on accordion. (The dance was written by Paul Phillips and published in Sets in Order, March 1953.)


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