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Ed Gilmore - Caller's Institute

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Ed Gilmore - Caller's Institute


This is a transcription of a presentation made by Ed Gilmore to a group of callers. He starts by outline his own credentials to be leading such a session, and mentions in passing "that for the last four years I've been a full-time professional. Which means that I am devoting 14-15 hours a day, 7 days a week, to square dance calling and square dance promotion. In that time and thru all that experience I have probably had a great deal more experience in actual hours of time put in the activity than some callers who have called for 25 years because they only call once a month and then they only call one tip."

Gilmore then goes on to describe the elements he sees as necessary for callers:
• Sincerity of purpose
• Talent
• Knowledge
     - Comfortable dancing
     – Clarity
          • You must be heard.
          • You must be understood.
          • Pitch
          • Separation of command from patter
     – Rhythm

After discussing these (and more) many aspects of calling, Gilmore leads a series of dances for those in attendance and provides thoughtful commentary about the choices he is making. All in all, this is a very enlightening presentation by a square dance leader who gave a lot of thought to the subject.

(The Les Gotcher Institute shown in related items offers a very different approach to the subject.)


Date Created

June 8, 1952


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