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Rickey Holden Interviews

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Rickey Holden Interviews



These are four interviews conducted with Rickey Holden— dance caller, organizer, author, editor and publisher. He was co-author of The Contra Dance Book (1956) and Instant Hash (1962) as well as numerous articles and two books about international folk dance. He danced with Ralph Page in the Boston area in the 1940s, hitchhiked around the US seeking out dances in every town, returned to his family's home in Texas later that decade, and became deeply involved in the rich Texas square dance scene. A widely traveled caller, he circled the globe three times teaching dances. A detailed biography can be found on the Phantom Ranch website.

Here are transcriptions of four interviews with him conducted over the years:
  • Ron Houston (Society of Folk Dance Historians), 1992
  • Bob Brundage, 2004
  • Tony & Beth Parkes, 2008
  • David Millstone, 2014

Holden is well represented in the SDHP collection. This link will take you to numerous related items.

Additional biographical information about Holden can be found here, and he is one of the subjects of an 2004 interview with Bob Brundage, part of the Brundage collection at the Square Dance Foundation of New England. (You can also listen to that interview here.)

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