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Sweet Home Alabama - Ted Lizotte - Tech Squares

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Sweet Home Alabama - Ted Lizotte - Tech Squares


Caller, Ted Lizotte. Recorded March 5, 2011, at a Tech Squares weekend, East Hill Farm, Troy, NH. Ted Lizotte is the club caller for Tech Squares, the MWSD club on the campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA. This weekend is an annual event attended by club members and others. Note that Tech Squares dancers have developed their own styling of the movements of square dancing.

Ted is very skilled at using contemporary music that has been adapted to the rhythm and tempo needed for square dancing, a growing practice in the MWSD activity. The music here is the song Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. This instrumental track was released on the Shakedown label, arranged and produced by Pat Carnathan, with Bronc Wise and Pat both playing on the recording.



March 5, 2011


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