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Elizabeth Burchenal 4 - big set, rooftop

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Elizabeth Burchenal 4 - big set, rooftop


In this dance, the lead couple passes around their neighbors, and while behind them passes each other by the right hand, then returns to the center of the set, swings the opposite, and moves on to the next couple.

At :46, the two couples form a basket (ladies bow, gents know how) for a very short basket swing.

At 1:21, the ladies go into the center and the gents dance counter-clockwise around them; the gents pass their partner and do a two-hand turn once around with the next woman, and then the gents go round again and the pattern continues. At 1:50, the men are in the center with the women going around outside them.

At 1:54, there's some confusion as couples attempt a star promenade, first with women with left hands in the center and then with the men.

Shots of the musicians (guitar, two fiddles, banjo) start at 2:50, followed by some scenes of men flatfooting.

Glenn Bannerman writes, "I traced the dancers on the roof top to the building that was called the Mosque Theater in Richmond Virginia. They used to have square dances on Saturday night there."


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