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Mount Airy Big Set - Phil Jamison - Southern Appalachian squares

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Mount Airy Big Set - Phil Jamison - Southern Appalachian squares


Phil Jamison led a workshop session on square dances from the southern Appalachians, focusing on dances from different communities in that region. Throughout the weekend, we did several dances in this basic big circle formation. In this version, from the Mount Airy, NC, region, instead of everyone doing a series of figures at the same time as directed by the caller, couples go through the same basic sequence at their own pace: find another couple and go straight into the Georgy Alabam-- turn opposite by right hand, turn partner with left hand, opposite by right, partner by left-- then swing opposite, swing partner, and promenade in seach of another couple to start it all again.

For this dance, the caller ended up with dancers in a big circle again, and then promenading into a grand march, which led to all the dancers dancing out the back door of Keith House and then back into the hall through another door.

This was recorded at Dare To Be Square on November 19, 2011, at the John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC.

Musicians for this session were Claudio Buchwald and Steve Hickman, fiddles; Jim Morrison, guitar; and Sam Bartlett, banjo, joined by Larry Edelman on mandolin and Frederick Park on washboard percussion. The tune is "Puncheon Floor."

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