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SDFNE 1960's Era Recordings

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SDFNE 1960's Era Recordings


Jim Mayo undertook a project to use the Square Dance Foundation of New England's audio archives and locate representative samples of square dance calling from the time period when Modern Western square dancing was taking off, but before the call Swing Thru was invented.

For each caller he has collected a representative patter tip and singing call. The quality of each recording varies and, in some cases, equalization has been attempted to make the calls more intelligable.

Five of these 18 callers were members of the group of ten assembled by Bob Osgood to establish CALLERLAB. The five were Arnie Kronenberger, Bob Van Antwerp, Ed Gilmore, Marshall Flippo and Joe Lewis. See the Tags for a complete list.

The website includes Jim's descriptions of the 36 recordings he collected from 1953-1962. Each comes with a "listen" link.


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