Les Gotcher - Square Dancin'


Les Gotcher - Square Dancin'


Transitional/Western 1950s


Published in 1950, the book contains directions to 100 dances, as well as photographs illustrating basic moves for beginners. Among those are Do-Ci-Do, Docey, Do-Sa-Do, and Do-Paso. (see the Contents page, included in this file)

The book also has a section called "New Changes and New Calls." This includes Alimande O, Wagon Wheel, Dishrag Whirl, Turn Right Back, Alimande A, Do-Si-Balanet, Alimande That, Kentucky Do-Ci-Do, and Triple Alimande.

This file contains one page of dance directions, for Yucaipa Twister (uncredited in the book, but composed by Ed Gilmore) and for Reverse Square. Gotcher is credited as the square dance caller in the 1950 film Copper Canyon (with Reverse Star) but Carl Myles is also credited.


Les Gotcher

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