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Four Horsemen Schottische & Polka - Larry Edelman - Dances of Jerry Goodwin:

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Four Horsemen Schottische & Polka - Larry Edelman - Dances of Jerry Goodwin:


Larry Edelman led a workshop session on dances he learned from the calling of Jerry Goodwin, originally from West Virginia but living and calling in western Pennsylvania when Larry studied with him in the 1970s. Some of the dances were ones Jerry had learned from his father. In those communities, Larry said, typically three squares would be dances in one tip, then followed by a couple dance. (He said that more than a dozen such dances were danced there, and an evening program would include 18 squares.) Larry introduced a schottische danced by two couples, and then asked the musicians for a polka.

The article reproduced below the video comes from the very first issue (September, 1945) of American Squares, Charles Crabbe Thomas, editor.

In a 1987 film that features Jerry Goodwin, you can see this schottische (and other varieties), starting at about 14:35.

This was recorded at Dare To Be Square on November 19, 2011, at the John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC. Additional support for the weekend, including for this videotaping by John-Michael Seng-Wheeler, was provided by Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS). The weekend brought together six well-known callers and some 70 square dance enthusiasts from around the country to explore different traditional and modern styles.

Musicians for this session were Claudio Buchwald and Steve Hickman, fiddles; Jim Morrison, guitar; and Sam Bartlett, banjo. The tune is "Rochester Schottische."

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November 19, 2011

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