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Texas Whirlwind (clip) - Rickey Holden

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Texas Whirlwind (clip) - Rickey Holden


Starting with a simply RH star in the center, Holden ups the complexity with a series of Catch All Eight calls around outside of the circle.

TEXAS WHIRLWIND (Folkraft 1073A) – Rickey Holden
(original figure by Fenton Jones, Los Angeles, California)

( prelim) Ladies to the center and back to the bar
Gents to the center and form a star with a
(I-4) Right hand across on the inside track a
(5-8) Right hand star and the other way back
(9-12) Left hand back and don't be late
(13-16) Pass your honey and catch all eight with the
(17-20) Next by the right and half way round,
(21-24) Back with the left that half and all the way
(25-28 ) Round — Your left hand lady with your
(29-32) Right hand round, partner left go
(33-36) All the way round, go once and a half, to your
(37-40) Right hand lady with your right hand round
(41-44) Partner left and all the way round
(45-48) Gents to the center and don't fall down with a …

This starts off like Texas star, leads into catch all eight, and thence to the whirls. Ladies stay in place (a) during this sequence; gents progress one to the right each time. After each gent leaves the left-hand star and meets a certain lady, the whirling for him is as follows, considering the lady with whom he catches all eight as his partner (b): (17-48)

Turn partner RH halfway, then with LH 1½ ;
Turn corner with RH once ; turn partner with LH 1½ ;
Turn RH lady with RH once; turn partner with LH 1¼
and into the center with a right hand star.

a) Ladies do not progress: they get caught in the whirls, but while the gents are out starring, the ladies stay home.
b) Once a gent does catch all eight with a given lady, that lady is considered his partner from then on until he stars again and "catches…" another.


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