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Late Nineteenth Century Quadrille

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Late Nineteenth Century Quadrille



Virtually every dance manual published during the nineteeth century contains information on the performance of the quadrille. The Library of Congress site where this video (and others in the same series) first appeared gives many links for further study. (That site also provides links to the video in many different formats for viewing.)

Other videos in the series illustrate appropriate steps and how to do honors (bow and curtsy).

Performed by members of The Jonquil Street Foundation, Inc.: Ariane Anthony, Thomas Baird, Barbara Barr, Patricia Beaman, Christopher Caines, Charles Garth, James Martin, Maris Wolff.

Choreography/reconstruction by Elizabeth Aldrich. The Great Hall, The Library of Congress, 15 October 1997. Music: "Queen of Harvest Quadrille" by John Philip Sousa, 1889. Played by members of The Library of Congress Centennial Cotillion Brass Band, Emerson Head and Robert Sheldon, Leaders. (Members, Metro Washington D.C. Federation of Musicians Local 161-710, AFM)


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October 15, 1997

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