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Glenn F. Pease - Old-Time Barn Dance Caller

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Glenn F. Pease - Old Time Barn Dance Caller

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Glenn F. Pease - Old-Time Barn Dance Caller


Glenn F. Pease: Old-Time Barn Dance Caller

From just after WW II to the early 1970s, one of the places to be on a summer Saturday night in a small corner of west-central New Hampshire was at a square dance where changes were called by Glenn Pease of Orford, NH. Glenn was a farmer, selectman and Grange member who was born and lived all his life (1906 to 1989) on a 110-acre hill farm in the shadow of Mt. Cube.

Beginning in the late 1940s, Glenn called changes for square dances at a variety of dance halls and other venues within a 30-mile radius of the farm. He called summers at Camp Lawson on Stinson Lake in Rumney and the Lake Tarleton Club in Pike, as well as a several-year stint at Huntington's Pavilion in East Thetford, Vt. The majority of his calling, however, took place at three halls - the Rumney Town Hall, the Warren Town Hall and the Painted Barn in Wentworth - and for all of this time, he called with Pat McIsaac's Band.

This website was created by Walter Lenk with information provided by Arthur Pease and other members of Glenn's family. It includes photographs, information about the musicians, audio recordings, and detailed descriptions of some of Glenn's square dance calls. Walter Lenk has also created similar websites featuring callers Frank Fortune and Duke Miller, which are listed separately in the SDHP's collection.


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