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Edson H. Cole - website

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Edson H. Cole - website

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Edson H. Cole - website

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New Hampshire fiddler, caller, and dancing master


In her 1939 Folk Songs of Old New England, Eloise Hubbard Linscott writes, "Edson H. Cole of Freedom, New Hampshire, has been fiddler, caller, and dancing master for more than 30 years. When he was a boy he was sent to Boston to study the violin but he had acquired his taste for music and his prompting from his uncle, Jim Cole, famous in the section as a past master in these arts for 50 years. Edson Cole, an old-time dancing master, conducted his own dancing school for 17 years. Today he is caretaker of two large farms—one his own—tax collector, takes an active part in town and county affairs, and with two of his children to carry on his music, he still plays and calls the changes for the old dances."

This website is based on a release of Cole's recordings, produced by Dudley Laufman. The site includes audio links to both contras and squares:

Boston Fancy
Grand Square
Green Mountain Volunteers
Hull's Victory
Lady of the Lake
Lancer's Quadrille
Plain Quadrille
Portland Fancy
Sicilian Circle
The Tempest

as well as an audio recording of an interview with Edson Cole.

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Edson H. Cole - website

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