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Bob Dalsemer - introduction to Morgantown, WV

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Bob Dalsemer - introduction to Morgantown, WV


audio only, recorded at Dare To Be Square, Seattle, 2009

Bob Dalsemer gives an introduction to the common break figure found in Morgantown, West Virginia: "Dance around your corners all and dance around your partners all." He explaines that it's like doing an allemande left with your corner and an allemande right with your partner, but with no hands.

You can also see video footage of this dance, where Bob called "Chase That Rabbit, Chase That Squirrel." After that, couples turn opposite person and partner, and circle. As the first couple reaches the fourth couple, the second couple follows up with the third couple, and after the figure is completed the two groups of four revolve around each other in a Pokey-O. (This is the same figure referred to as a "bouquet waltz" in some other traditions.

Recorded at Dare To Be Square, Seattle, in 2009. For a more complete view of dances from the weekend, see the audio and video files posted here.


audio dub from Doug Plummer video footage

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December 13, 2009

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