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Listen to the Mockingbird (Birdie in the Cage) - Donald "Jake" Jacoby

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Listen to the Mockingbird (Birdie in the Cage) - Donald "Jake" Jacoby



Recorded by Bob Dalsemer, January 5, 1974 at the Maryland Line Fire Hall, Maryland Line, MD.
Caller: Donald "Jake" Jacoby
Band: The Saw Mill Boys

This visiting couple square has a quick progression, whereby the next couple starts its round when the previous couple is visiting its last couple. There is no middle break. Note the Southern dosido / Georgia Rang Tang type of chorus ("right hand to your opposite lady twice around and swing your own").

The figure, Birdie In the Cage, is performed from a circle of four without letting go hands. The active gent, holding his partner's left hand in his right, raises his right arm and helps his partner turn clockwise to face out with her hands crossed in front of her. He then helps her unwind counterclockwise back to the circle (bird out). The active man's opposite lady then helps him turn similarly to face out (old crow in). At Maryland Line, the dancers would often put both "birdies" in simultaneously, and then both "crows."


Casette tape recording


January 5, 1974

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