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Royal Scotch Quadrilles - 5th figure

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Royal Scotch Quadrilles - 5th figure



Comments from Susan de Guardiola:

The Royal Scotch Quadrilles were written by London dancing master Thomas Wilson in response to the (in his opinion, undeserved) success of The Caledonian Quadrilles, which he accurately regarded as French quadrilles cleverly marketed as Scottish (via a bagpiper on the cover) rather than as truly Scottish style figures. Wilson's choreography incorporates a variety of reels (heys) for three or four and works well with the Scottish dance steps published by Aberdeen dancing master Francis Peacock in 1805 as well as with modern Scottish country dance (RSCDS) footwork.

The figures of The Royal Scotch Quadrilles were published as a footnote in Wilson's gigantic poem-satire, The Danciad, in 1824. No sheet music has been located; the recording features a set of period Scottish tunes selected and arranged by Bill Matthiesen and Liz Stell of Spare Parts to fit the unusual length of the quadrille figures.

For a detailed discussion of the process of reconstructing this dance, go here.


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