Rod Linnell - Rod's Right and Left (clip)


Rod Linnell - Rod's Right and Left (clip)


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This dance was recorded on the flip side of Mountain Music Madness, on the Apex label, #9-26431. The band is Don Messer's Islanders. The tune is Debbie's Jig.

In her notes, Louise Winston writes, "This next dance, composed simply of ladies chain and right and left through, sounds deceptively easy but can throw seasoned dancers the first time they try it, especialy if it is done without a walk-through. It can bring over-confident dancers down a peg and fill them with respect for the possibilities inherent in New England dancing."


Rod Linnell


Square Dances from a Yankee Caller's Clipboard, by Rod Linnell and Louise Winston (1974)

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USA, Maine

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