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Ed Durlacher (photos)

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Ed Durlacher (photos)



Two photos of New York caller Ed Durlacher, one showing him in regular clothing behind the microphone and one where he's in full dance caller regalia. Both photos are from newspaper files; one is date-stamped "April 26, 1953" and the other has "1953" written on the back. This site contains a link to newsreel footage of Durlacher calling to huge crowds in Central Park in the 1940s.

The fancy shirt was apparently a trademark of Durlacher's. According to Bob Brundage, it was the source of some consternation when Durlacher was invited to call at a festival in Texas. He wore it at a media interview at which he made a point of mentioning that Long Island had cattle ranches before Texas, prompting one reporter to write, "All the bull Mr. Durlacher brought to Texas was not on his shirt."



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