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Girl I Left Behind Me (clip) - Dudley Laufman

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Girl I Left Behind Me (clip) - Dudley Laufman


Live recording, Bernardston, Massachusetts, with Dudley Laufman calling. This was the third dance of the evening. At the end of Soldier's Joy, a contra, Dudley had groups of two couples circle left and right, then find another foursome to circle left, eight hands around. He now had his groups for the square dance.

Caller's note from Bob Livingston: "Dudley's calling is just what it should be: good timing, not hard to the phrasing, music in his voice. Right and Left Thru [in this particular dance] just means Pass Thru  (learned the hard way - messin' up.)"

Music by the Fall Town String Band: Ed Phelps and Jim Spaulding, fiddles, joined by Jacqueline Gilman, fiddle; Bob Kenney, guitar; Jack Arensmeyer, mandolin; Ruth Brassor, bass guitar. Released on a 1990 cassette tape.

In an article on this site, Tony Parkes notes that this dance is the earliest singing call of which he is aware, dating to the 1925 publication of Henry Ford's Good Morning. This site also includes information about that dance from a 1942 Texas recording.


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