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Monadnock Muddle (clip) - Ralph Page

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Monadnock Muddle (clip) - Ralph Page


Ralph Page calling with music provided by Dick Richardson on fiddle, Junior Richardson on bass, and Johnny Trombley on piano, joined by Norm Smith on banjo. Released on Disc 363, the flip side of the Jingle Bells recording. The tune is Soldier's Joy.

This recording shows how a traditional New England caller could retain experienced dancers' interest in a traditional figure by varying it. The basic figure is known variously as Four in a Center Line or The "H", but Page ends it in a different way for each couple:

1. Inactives right and left along the line
2. Inactive ladies chain through the center of the line
3. The line bends outward to face the inactives; right and left eight
4. The line bends outward; four ladies chain in line

See Ed Gilmore's Lazy H for another dance that starts in a similar formation (though the line of four is set up differently).



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