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Lazy H - Tony Parkes

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Lazy H - Tony Parkes


Tony Parkes is calling Ed Gilmore's classic dance, the Lazy H. As the dance progresses, Tony adds variations so that instead of couples doing a right and left through around a standing line of four, he directs the ladies to chain over and back through an arch in the middle of the line of four. Tony also uses a break from around 1950, the Triple Allemande.

You can also hear an audio clip of Ed Gilmore calling the figure.

The musicians are Yankee Ingenuity (Peter Barnes, piano; Mary Lea, fiddle; Cal Howard, bass; Jack O'Connor, mandolin), joined by Kerry Elkin on fiddle. There's a close-up sequence of the musicians starting at 3:10. The tunes are "Fiddler's Dream" and "Puncheon Floor."


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May 4, 1992


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