Bill Castner - Oh By Jingo (clip)


Bill Castner - Oh By Jingo (clip)


Modern Western 1960 - 1974


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: "Oh By Jingo!" is a 1919 novelty song by Albert Von Tilzer with lyrics by Lew Brown. The song was featured in the Broadway show "Linger Longer Letty", and became one of the biggest Tin Pan Alley hits of the post-World War I era.

An internet search will turn up versions of the song being performed by Spike Jones and his City Slickers, Danny Kaye, guitarist Chet Atkins, and many others. It also appears in the film "Bertie and Jeeves," featuring characters created by P. G. Wodehouse.

Side 2 couples right & left thru (backaway), that's fine
Heads lead right and circle to a line
Pass thru across the world, arch in the middle
Do a dixie twirl
Dixie wheel 'em right on back
Go once and a 1/2 in the middle of the track
Lady go left and the gent go right and then allemande left
Then promenade the land
Gents roll back to the corner girl
Now you're home, just swing and whirl
Swing with your "oh by Jingo" now


Bill Castner


Stig Malmo

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