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Uncle Steve's Quadrille (description)

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Uncle Steve's Quadrille (description)



This dance was published in Elizabeth Burchenal's Folk-Dances from Old Homelands (1922). This is the first dance iin the book, one of two American dances, along with Old Dan Tucker. (See the moving images of Burchenal leading Old Dan Tucker here.)

Burchenal's dance description says it stems from Oxford County, Maine: "This is an old-time country quadrille recorded as it is "called" by Mr. Stephen Kimball, who has played for kitchen "whangs" and barn dances in Maine for fifty years."

Note that the couples are numbered differently than in squares today. Couples 1 and 2 are the head couples, and 3 and 4 are the side couples, with couple 3 to the right of couplde 1.

Listen to Kimball's recording of the dance here.



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