Square Dance in advertisements

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Square Dance in advertisements


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These magazine ads, mostly from the late 1940s and early 1950s, illustrate the widespread presence of square dance in American popular culture.

Beech-Nut chewing gum Life April 21, 1952
beer (beverage of moderation) McCall's September, 1952
Brach's candy Life October 13, 1952
Coca-Cola Life October 27, 1962
Dexo (Square Dance Party Cake) 1950
Ford Life June 30, 1941
Maidenform Life October 12, 1953
Maxwell House Life August 14, 1950
Pall Mall Look November 16, 1954
Seven-Up Life November 21, 1949
Tide Life March 19, 1951
Winston Life March 3, 1967
Wurlitzer Better Homes and Gardens April 1945
Decca Records, Life, March 17, 1947


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Stig Malmo collection (Beech-Nut, Coca-Cola, Maxwell House, Tide, Wurlitzer, Decca); others added by David Millstone

Temporal Coverage

1940s; 1950s

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