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Haynes Family manuscript - Oregon

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Haynes Family manuscript

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Haynes Family manuscript - Oregon


This manuscript of sixty-five dance tunes was handed down through several generations of the Haynes, Shuck, and Adams families who came West over the Oregon Trail from Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa and Missouri between 1847 and 1853. Many of the family members were musical, and over the years several people contributed tunes to the manuscript, from which they played dances over the period from around the 1860s to the 1890s.

The manuscript contains examples of many of the popular dance forms of the middle and late nineteenth century. About half the tunes in the manuscript are quadrille tunes. In addition, the manuscript contains a number of couple dance tunes, over half of them waltzes, along with galops, polkas, schottisches, mazourkas, and varsouviennes.

See also Songs and Dances of the Oregon Trail.

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1860s – 1890s


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Haynes Family manuscript

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