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Square dance callers - photos

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Square dance callers - photos



A series of square dance magazine covers featuring these modern square dance callers:

Baldwin, Charlie
Brower, Jim
Brundage, Al
Burdick, Stan
Calhoun, Louis
Castner, Bill
Davis, Johnny
Gaudreau, Herbie
Gilmore, Ed
Haag, Jerry
Helt, Jerry
Johnson, Bruce
Jones, Jon
Lacky, Harry
Lane, Frank
LeClair, Johnny
Leger, Dick
Lewis, Joe
Litman, Lloyd
Luttrell, Melton
Mitchell, Sam
Osgood, Bob
Page, Ralph
Parke, Earl
Parrish, Vaughn
Raley, Chuck
Regnier, EH "Duke"
Schultz, Wally
Stoye, Tommy
Taylor, Dave
Turner, Joe
Van Antwerp, Bob

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