Carcassonne big set, #2


Carcassonne big set, #2


Southern / Appalachian / Big sets


This is another example of traditional southern Appalachian big set square dance, recorded by John Ramsay in Carcassonne, Kentucky, September 19, 1991. With relatively few examples on our site of this style of dancing, we have included the dance in its entirety. This one includes at least one figure not shown in #1, lady fall through the old side door.

The caller is Hiram Griffie, of Cornettesville, KY. The tune is Turkey in the Straw, played by the Pinetop Ramblers: Eugene Fields, Daylo Lewis, Marlin Smith, and Ovit Couch.

Date Created

September 19, 1991


John Ramsay

Spatial Coverage

USA, Carcassonne, Kentucky

Temporal Coverage


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