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Glenn Bannerman - big circle dances, audio

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Glenn Bannerman - big circle dances, audio


Three examples of big sets from western North Carolina, called by Glenn Bannerman with music from the Stoney Creek Boys. These audio files come from two recordings, "Mountain Dance Music Comes Alive" and "Appalachian Clog Dancing and Big Circle Mountain Square Dancing," and are used with Bannerman's permission. You can find more information and order CDs (with dance instructions) at the Bannerman Family's website.

Among the big circle figures are:
Circle left and right
Single file, lady in the lead
Ladies turn back - Queens Highway
Gents Turn Back - King's Highway
Grapevine *
Grand Right and Left
Partner swing

* A search for "Grapevine Twist" in this project's digital collection will return references, audio clips, and video clips showing that figure, including Elizabeth Burchenal's silent footage from the 1930s.

In big set dancing, couples from the big circle join in smaller circles of two couples for a series of figures. Among the small circle figures are:

Odd couples out to the even couple
Right / left hands hands across
Georgia Rang Tang
Birdie in the Cage
Chase that Rabbit
Duck for the Oyster
Lady Round the Lady
Mountain Loop
Roll the Barrel
Take a Little Peek
Two Gents Elbow Swing


Date Created

1974, 1978


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