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The Lancers - Ralph Page's historical notes

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The Lancers - Ralph Page's historical notes



In the pages of his Northern Junket magazine, caller and dance historian Ralph Page enjoyed sharing articles based on his dance research. He included a six-part series on the Lancers. California caller and choreographer Chris Page (no relation) created a highly personal index to some of his favorite pieces from the magazine, including links to this series. Thanks, Chris!

The first two articles are written by Ralph Page; the third one contains extensive comments by Hugh Thurston; the fourth one contains numerous comments by Gordon Tracie about the Lancers in Scandinavia. The fifth article (misnumbered in Northern Junket as Part IV) was written by Harold M. Smith and focuses on the Lancers on St. Lawrence County in upstate New York; the final piece, by Page again, looks at the Lancers in Europe.

A search on the SHDP website for Lancers will return more than a dozen other items related to this topic.

For easier reading, we have included on this website two PDF files that contain all the articles. Interested readers can view the entire series online if they wish. (Thanks to the University of New Hampshire's Library of Traditional Music and Dance for digitizing the entire press run of Northern Junket and making it available online, complete with index.)
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