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Lloyd Shaw photos

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Lloyd Shaw photos


Photographs scanned by Calvin Campbell. Cal writes, "Pappy was a good promoter. He used several photographers over the years. He gave promotional copies to people, like Bob Osgood, by the dozens. He also supplied copies to any publication that asked for them.

"Most of the copies I scanned were from the thousands of photos the heirs of Bob Osgood donated to DU [University of Denver, home of the Lloyd Shaw Archives]. DU only wanted one copy of each picture. Most of the time, there were several copies. I went through and took one extra copy of anything I found in one box labeled Shaw. There were probably a dozen other boxes that I never looked through."

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USA, Colorado, COlorado Springs

Items in the Lloyd Shaw photos Collection (12/34)

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"So They Gave Up Football"

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Cheyenne Mountain Dancers - death in La Jolla

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