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Dare To Be Square Weekend 2011, Brasstown, NC - caller interviews

Tony Parkes - interviews

Tony Parkes 1
New England Squares

Caller Tony Parkes discusses the characteristics of northeastern traditional squares in general, and New England squares in particular.

Tony Parkes 2
Quadrilles and Visiting Couple Squares

In this interview, caller Tony Parkes describes the basic structure of quadrilles, the 19th century dance form that set the pattern for traditional New England squares. In a typical quadrille, head couples interact often with each other (and the same for sides with each other), and contrasts that with visiting couple squares. (For example, couple 1 leads out to the right and does something with couple 2, then moves on to the 3rd couple.)

Tony Parkes 3
Changes in New England squares

Caller Tony Parkes discusses some changes that took place in New England squares, particularly in the years after World War II as the modern square dance movement developed.