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Duck and Dive - Bob Dalsemer - Maryland Line 7

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Duck and Dive - Bob Dalsemer - Maryland Line 7


At the Dare To Be Square dance weekend, Bob Dalsemer led a workshop on "Dances of Maryland Line," a small town in northern Maryland that he visited often in the 1970s. Attentive viewers will note the distinctive style of promenade, a one-step around the square that was typical of Maryland Line dances.

At Maryland Line, Duck and Dive was always called to the tune "Bile Them Cabbage Down" as it is here. Note the call "Duck and dive across the lead." At Maryland Line the head couples were often called "the lead couples." Note also the distinctive move to reverse direction: instead of doing a California twirl, the lady curls into the gent's right arm and then uncurls to form the arch!

This session was recorded on November 19, 2011, at the John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, NC, with additional support provided by Country Dance and Song Society. (Among other things, CDSS paid for the videography, by John-Michael Seng-Wheeler.)

Musicians for this session were: Larry Edelman and Steve Hickman, fiddles; Jim Morrison, guitar; Claudio Buchwald, piano; Sam Bartlett, banjo, joined on some numbers by Phil Jamison on banjo. The tune is "Boil that Cabbage Down."

The event brought together six well-known callers and 70 square dance enthusiasts to explore many different styles of squares, including both traditional and modern. The documentation for the weekend includes these videotapes—nearly 100 by the time the whole series is uploaded—plus audio recordings and a syllabus.



Nov. 19, 2011


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