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Square Dances - 1981 - Pam McKeever & Tod Whittemore

This footage was recorded by Kirston Koths, Oak Leaf Studios, on December 31, 1981, going into January 1, 1982. The event was a New Year's Eve dance with callers Tod Whittemore and Pam McKeever, held at Belmont Hill School near Boston.The programs mixes contra dances with these squares:Wagon Wheel (00:00)Take a Little Peek (4:38)Head Two Ladies…

Pam McKeever and the Flying Squares, 1981

Demonstration of the sort of exhibition dancing created by Lloyd Shaw in the 1930s and popularized by his Cheyenne Mountain Dancers.

The dancers are: Jim Bollman, Karen Atkins, Ernie Spence, Sindee Ernst, Jim Blackwell, Diane Plantamura, Tod Whittemore and Wendy Whittemore.

The musicians are Jacki Spector, banjo; Chris Romaine and Mary Lea,…

Pam McKeever - Cheyenne Mountain Dancers demo, 1990

Pam McKeever is the caller; the dancers are demonstrating a routine like that used by Lloyd Shaw's Cheyenne Mountain Dancers in the late 1930s and 1940s. You'll note a series of dramatic aerial figures that helped make the Cheyenne dancers such a sensation as they toured the country. The musicians are Brendan Doyle, banjo; Chris Romaine, fiddle;…