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Dancing in Westport Point, MA

This video documents a gathering of summer and year-round residents of Westport Point, MA. The community has hosted a summer dance series since the 1930s, originally led by Lyle Ring and then, in later years, by Dick Best and Ted Sannella. The speakers are gathered in the barn where the dancing used to take place; they share stories of dancing…

Brasstown Dare To Be Square - index of dances

This spreadsheet serves as an index to the 100+ dances presented at the Dare To Be Square weekend, November 18–20, 2011, at the John C. Campbell Folk School. You can download it and sort by caller, dance title, or session; this may be helpful finding particular dances of interest on the Exhibit of Brasstown DTBS dances on this site.

David Millstone - Ninepin

David Millstone, caller, with music provided by Jane, Sophie, and Russell Orzechowski (fiddles and piano) and Deanna Stiles, flute. Recorded at Kensington, NH, on May 21, 2004. The tune played is "Olde Tyme Quadrille" by Bob McQuillen.

The basic pattern of this version of Ninepin:

Head couples sashay over and back, passing to the right of the…

Auctioneer (description and history)

The Auctioneer by David Millstone July, 2012 The Auctioneer is Ralph Sweet's signature number, and the dance has a storied history before him. The Auctioneer song was a 1956 hit, selling 2.5 million copies for for Leroy Van Dyke and catapaulting him to country music fame. (Here he is singing it on a 1962 television show.) Two years later,…

Tony Parkes

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Phil Jamison

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Larry Edelman

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Jim Mayo

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Bob Dalsemer

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Bill Litchman

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Honest John - Adam Boyce

Traditional quadrille, recorded at an open house sponsored by the Ed Larkin Dancers, Tunbridge, Vermont, March 12, 2010. The prompter is Adam Boyce, and the musicians are Harold Luce on fiddle and his daughter, Donna Weston, on piano.

The dance's fame spread beyond its Vermont origins. In a "Northern Junket" article (vol. 1, no. 3, June 1949, p.…

Adam Boyce - Forward Six and Back

This video shows several times through the dance, called by Adam Boyce, a traditional Vermont caller who learned from Harold Luce of the Ed Larkin Dancers. Luce himself can be heard on this audio clip.Another New England version of this dance, called by Lester Bradley, can be seen here.