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Gay Gordon's - couple dance

This couple dance was recorded at a Valentine's Day contra dance in Nelson, NH. Such couple dances—along with waltz, polka, schottische, hambo, and others—are frequently found in the program of… View item
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Traditional square and contra dance series often include a variety of couple dances as part of their program. Depending on location and time, dancers might enjoy waltz, polka, or schottische, among… View item
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Traditional square dance series and some contra series have often included couple dances as part of the evening program. This polka was recorded at the contra dance at the VFW, Cambridge, MA. You'll… View item
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The Roberts - couple dance

Couple dance that was part of the regular program of dances at many New England dances. Here it's being danced by the New England Chestnuts performance group at the berth of the USS Constitution in… View item