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Cheyenne Mountain Dancers in DC

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Cheyenne Mountain Dancers in DC


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The Cheyenne Mountain Dancers appeared at the National Folk Festival in Washington, DC, in 1939, their first trip to the East from their Colorado Springs home.

Left to right:

Lloyd "Pappy" Shaw
Mr. Evans (Shop, math)
(Mrs.) Dorothy Shaw
Mildred Purfield
Clark Holland
Mrs. (Teach) Johnson
Dorothy Jane Vandenburg
Mary Anne Smith
Jack Purfield
Mary Haney
Gene Neal
Johnny Kerr
Mary Ellen Jacobs
Lois Lovelady
Anne McCracken
Bob Udick
Eileen Brunson
Wilbert Hays
Sammy Knowled
Erna Lovelady
Herb Egender
Don Barney (Custodian, driver)

Note: Look carefully at the men on the left and right side of the group. Apparently, this sort of trick is something the photographer was accustomed to doing.

(Identifications provided by Herb Egender)

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April 27, 1939


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