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Soco Gap Dancers at the White House

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Soco Gap Dancers at the White House


This is the program for the evening entertainment provided for the visiting King and Queen of England at the White House, Thursday, June 8, 1939. Among the performers (see page 5) were the Soco Gap Square-Dance Team, directed by Sam Queen and presented by Bascom Lamar Lunsford.

Eleanor Roosevelt was interested in traditional dance, witness her participation in square dancing at Arthurdale, WV.

Marian Anderson's appearance as part of the evening program came just two months after Mrs. Roosevelt had arranged for her to sing at the Lincoln Monument after Anderson was refused to perform at Constitution Hall of the Daughters of the American Revolution.


The program does not have a unique catalog number, but the citation is as follows:

President's Secretary's File: Diplomatic Correspondence: Great Britain: King and Queen, June 1938 - June 1939. Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum, Hyde Park, New York.

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June 8, 1939

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