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Dave Taylor - Patter, 1965

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Dave Taylor - Patter, 1965


from CALLERLAB, February 16, 2017


Dave Taylor - 1927-2017

Dave passed away February 12, 2017 in Spring Hill, Florida. Dave was a founding member of CALLERLAB, serving several years on the Board of Governors and two terms as Chairman of the Board. In 1971 Dave was inducted into the Square Dance Hall of Fame. He received the CALLERLAB Milestone Award in 1986.


Dave was "drafted" into a career in calling. In 1953, while working part-time for the Detroit Parks and Recreation Department, he was put in charge of Saturday night activities, which included teaching children's square dance classes. This was the beginning of square dance calling for Dave.


Before long, besides teaching school, he had a busy home-club and class program underway. This lead to a full travel/calling schedule with appearances at some of the most prominent festivals, conventions, weekend and week long square dance institutes, i.e. Boyne Mountain, Michigan for 11 years and Kirkwood Lodge, Missouri for 26 years. For two years Dave called a weekly Saturday afternoon Radio Program "Square Dance Club of the Air". He called over the Radio and people would gather the squares wherever to dance. In 1966 he began one of his many Taylormade Holiday Weekends in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The Maple Leaf Weekend continued for 31 years.


In 1972 he moved to Naperville, Illinois and established his home clubs and classes in the Chicago area. His Tuesday workshops at the Boy Scout Center drew over 200 dancers. Soon he was teaching all levels, from beginners to C-1. Dave organized and formed The Callers Co-op for Chicago area callers to promote good calling, teaching and dancing. By the mid-1990's Dave had made more than twenty calling tours to Europe and had sponsored an annual World Square Dance Convention that attracted dancers from many countries. In February 1994, he called his final dance while on a tour to New Zealand and Australia.


Dave was always very generous with his time & knowledge of Square Dancing. He took the time to share his expertise with callers, leaders and dancers all over the United States and foreign countries. Dave conducted many callers' clinics in North America and wrote numerous articles for square dance publications. He appeared on several TV Shows in the U.S, Canada and New Zealand. He recorded 52 single records, four albums, and one stereo tape. He called in 45 of the 50 United States.




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